Accessing Switch Interfaces with SNMP driver

I am using the SNMP driver to pull information from switches. Data that contains a single value seems to work well, but I am not understanding how to access an array with the SNMP driver. For example the driver imports IF_MIB_ifOperStatus and creates the tag and pointer, but this is actually an array as below that tag/OID there is an integer value for each port on the network switch. In my case there is 5 entries below IF_MIB_ifOperStatus. How does one go about pulling this into a tag array? i have tried a few ways, but it does not pull the values, on has zeros for each array element

The correct setting for addresses is:

< OID > (scalar)
< OID > [Index] (column)

If you test this by trying to get each array position individually and still get an error, send to the version of the product you are using, the project and the trace window log file. So we can analyze.