Alarm in factory studio

Dear Experts.
I’m test Alarm in my project.
In my Project, I have two group, One with Beep sound ( STATUS_CHANGE GROUP) and Exclamation Sound ( Test_alarm group).

In Item window, I have many items belong to these group.

But wwhen runtime, Item of Exclaimation sound always run with Beep sound.
How can I fix it?

Hi Thanos,

The sounds used by FactoryStudio are those configured within Windows itself. To ensure that the “Beep” and “Exclamation” sounds have different tones, you need to change the sound configured for the “Exclamation” sound in “Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Personalization → Sounds”.

Select “Exclamation” in the “Program Events” window and change the sound in the “Sound” combobox.


Hope it helps, any questions we are available.

Tatsoft Team.

Dear Expert

I absolutely know that.
My problem is the sound of Alarm work net correct.

Hi Thanos,

We noticed that in your alarm settings in FactoryStudio, both groups have the AckRequired option enabled. Once this option is activated, when an alarm starts to sound, until the Ack operation is performed, no other alarm sound will play.

What might be happening in your case is that an alarm from the “STATUS_CHANGE” group is triggered with the “Beep” sound, but the Ack operation is not performed.

Then, you try to trigger an alarm from the “test_alarm” group to hear the ‘Exclamation’ sound, but this sound won’t play if the ‘BEEP’ sound is already playing before this alarm is triggered.

In the items tab, there’s a column to set the alarm priority, where the higher the number inserted, the higher the priority. You can try configuring the priority of the alarms so that the “Exclamation” sound takes precedence over the “Beep” when both are activated at the same time. See the image below:


If the error persists after this test, could you send us the project file you are getting this error, so we can identify the problem? You can send us the file through our support at

Tatsoft Team.