Change password of user during runtime

Dear Expert
I my project, I need to change the password of user during runtime.
I used code behind. But I couldn’t find any properties in order to change the passwword.
Please help me./

Hi Manh,

There are a difference between Runtime users and normal users.

You can change the password during runtime only of Runtime users using the code below and replacing arguments by tags:

@Client.ChangeUserPassword(string username, string oldPassword, string newPassword);

Runtime users are created by script command Security.AddRuntimeUser() during the runtime execution of the project. The interface at (Edit > Security > RuntimeUsers) allows you to verify and manage those users.

By security reasons, it’s not possible to change the password of normal Users during runtime, you can only change the password in FS (Edit > Security > Users) and after start runtime.

You can read more about Runtime Users in the following link:

Tatsoft Team.

Dear Expert
Thank for your feedback.
I understood and work well.

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