Combo Box creation

as I want on single button that is On Clicking Main Button Dropdown should open like Area 1 and Area 2 and Clicking on Area 1 another Dropdown should open for Sub Areas i.e., Sub Area A and Sub Area B and then Clicking on Sub Area it should Perform any action like Open display, acknowledge etc. and same goes for Area 2, For your Reference the see the below Chart

As we want to use Combo Box for this, is this possible in Tatsoft?

Hi Venky,

We have a object for doing something similar to that, the MenuItem, it may be what you want:

For using this you can create many MenuItem:

and, group it:

then, you make a group with another MenuItem, and you do this over and over again, so you can create a menu with many options.

Send an email to our support to receive some examples and get more details about it:

Tatsoft Team.