Difficulty with reports

Hello good morning, I’m having difficulty running the reports, I analyzed the code of an example you provided, but no report is generated in my project, could you help me?

Hello Thaylor.

Firstly, we would like to confirm that you have downloaded the project from the following link:


Sometimes Windows may prevent file creation in some system directories, so make sure the project is in a directory with writable permissions.

If the problem persists after the above checks, we will need to check your project settings.

Best Regards.
Tatsoft Team.

Hello everything is fine?
my problem is due to the fact that the tables only update the data and do not create new rows, how do I make the table create new rows?

Could you please clarify which table you are referring to? Are you talking about the tables on the report page or the tables in the Dataset Module? Feel free to send images to explain your dubts.

Good morning. How are you doing?

My problem is due to the fact that the tags I implemented within my project are not being extracted into the report tables, only the internal tags are printed.

How do I print new tags in reporting tables?


Hello Taylor

Can you send us your project? So that we can better understand how to help you.
you can send us the .Tproj file on our support e-mail as following: support@tatsoft.com

Best Regards.
Tatsoft Team.

Hello good afternoon all right?

Unfortunately I can’t send my project.

I am referring to the tables on the report screen, when I place tags that I implemented within the application, they are not updated on the report screen