FactoryStudio 32 bit install on 64 bit Windows

Hi all.

I suspect this question may make no technical sense at all … but thought I’d ask it anyway.

In brief, is it at all possible to have FactoryStudio install as a 32 bit version in a 64 bit Windows (virtualised) environment? I suspect not … or that if it can this would be a very messy process. I am not currently needing to try this, but can see a scenario (associated with old 32 bit ODBC drivers) where this might be useful.

I appreciate that within a full Windows environment, a virtual 32 bit machine could be used if necessary. However the environment in question is already virtualised.

Hopefully I’m not upsetting anyone too much with my ignorance :slight_smile:

Greg Shearer

Is this what the ‘Force 32-bit’ check box in Project->Settings is for?


Hi Greg,

Yes, you are right. It is possible to have FactoryStudio as a 32bit version in a 64bit Windows.

and yes, you can use this option to do that, just remember after enabled this checkbox to close and open again your project.

If you need anything else, please let us know.

Best Regards,
Tatsoft Team.