FactoryStudio on AWS EC2/LightSail

Hi, is it possible to install a small FactoryStudio Server (100 to 500 tags) at AWS service like EC2 or Lighsail? Than local clients would connect to this server on AWS? Regards.

Hello Aluizio,

You can use a FactoryStudio Server running on a Windows Server hosted on Amazon EC2 or Lighsail.

It is also possible to run a Linux Server on Amazon EC2 or Lighsail and use our Linux/Mono solution to install the FactoryStudio Server.

Bests Regards,
Tatsoft Team.

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Great news, thanks! One last question, regarding Linux. If the server is Linux on Amazon, can the client be windows?

Hi Aluizio,

Yes, if the server is Linux on Amazon the client can be on Windows.

Tatsoft Team.

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