I'd like to know how I can configure the Audit Trail

Hello, I’d like to say how I can configure Audit Trail. We have a screen just for the Audit Trail, and we’ll monitor everything that will happen. For example: If the user open a valve, if the user start, stop or send some command to a batch. How can I configure that? I didn’t find any materials about that.

Hello Lucas,

With this link you can access our documenttion about Audit Trail, which explains how to configure and use it: Audit Trail Doc

This second link contains an example project using Audit Trail: AuditTrail.tproj

The project was implemented for the FactoryStudio 9.2.46, which can be downloaded in this link: FS-9.2.46

Hope these information helps with your implementation, any questions we are available to help you.

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Tatsoft Team.

Hello, I’ve seen this document about the Audit Trail, but it didn’t answer all configuration.

The example that you sent me, we don’t have any item in audit trail:

Hello Lucas,

The audit trail settings relate to information about the options shown in the following image, which are explained in the documentation we sent to you.


If you want to work with alarm items, you can check the documentation at the following link, which has a section that discusses the items: Alarms Doc

Here is an example that implements alarm items for you to use as a reference:

Tatsoft Team.