IEC8705104S in FactoryStudio

Dear Experts.
I’m working on a project with FactoryStudio software. In which I need use IEC8705-104S driver for send signals upto 2 remote control center ( Diagram as acttachment). I am confused between 2 options

  1. Creating one IEC8705104S Channel, then creating 2 nodes for this channel ( each node for a control center).
  2. Creating two IEC8705104S Channels, Then with each channel creating a node
  3. With each above node, the IP parameter is I don’t know, It is Server’s IP or Control Center’s IP.
    Thank much and best wish for all of you.

Hello @Manh, The image does not seem to appear. Please try to upload again, and/or contact support directly at


Hi Manh,

Could you send your question to our support e-mail? Because there we can help you better, also in forum I could not see your image.


Let me know if I understand your issue. You have a device that uses IEC8705-104S driver and want to connect with 2 remote control. So you want to know if you create 2 channels separated to each remote control ou 1 channel and 2 nodes. Is that correct?
Also you want to know if the IP number is

I’ll be looking forward to your reply,
Best Regards,
Tatsoft Team.

OK. Thank Sir. I will send my question via mail