Modbus communication

Dear Expert
I’m using Factory studio as Modbus TCP client Mode.
I created channel, Node, and datapoint for this Node.
Every think worked OK.
But I have a Doubt.
When Factory studio lost connection to Slave Modbus Device, I want all of datapoints for this Node return automatically into Zero value.
Currently, Their values don’t change, Only Their Quality Change.
Please give me the solution’

Hello Manh,

You can navigate to “Edit > Displays > Displays > .NET Clients”, where you will locate the options “On Undefined quality show” and “On OPC Bad quality show”.

You can enable these options and select the character you prefer to substitute for the tag value when the quality is bad (0) or undefined (64).


At present, we offer these character options, but the ability to set it to zero is not available. Consequently, you might want to reconsider using zero and choose an alternative character.

If you persist in opting for zero, we will need to escalate this request to our development team to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a script for such functionality.

Please let us know if this resolves your request. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

Tatsoft Team.

Dear Expert
Your solution can only resolve show value on display.
I need to use the tag in script in script, dataset.
Do you have other solution?
Example, when lost communication the node will be automatically restart.

Hello Manh,

In addressing the concern you raised, our development team suggests implementing a validation of data quality at specific points in your application where variables are utilized. Instead of using a fixed value of 0 as a default, it’s recommended to handle the validation dynamically.

By incorporating quality validation at the points where the variables are being used, you can capture and handle errors more granularly. This approach allows for a more nuanced response to changes in data quality, ensuring a more robust and flexible solution.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Best regards,
Tatsoft Team.