MQTT SparkplugB client

Does someone know how to configure MQTT SparkplugB client in FactoryStudio?
I didn’t find any example. And documentation is unsufficient.
I don’t know how to configere value name.
I don’t know if it is connected to broker or not. There is no Test function.

Thank you

Hi Tomas,

You can find the steps how to use the MQTTspB driver in the Driver Documentation that you can open using the engineering environment in Edit > Devices, select the MQTTspB driver in the list and click on the Help button.

However, we are describing below the same information you will find in the driver documentation:

  1. After selecting the MQTTspB protocol in the list, click in “Create new…” button;
    1.1 In the Protocol Options field, pick the Type of your application according to the Description:

    • Application Node: It is a MQTT client can subscribe but not publish to topics.
    • Scada IIoT Host: It is a primary MQTT client that can subscribe to topics and also publish commands (messages) to EoN Node nodes and devices.
    • EoN Node: It is a MQTT client that has as its main function to publish messages read from field equipment. It also can receive commands from Scada IIoT Host.
      1.2 Fill the remaining fields according to the documentation.
  2. In Edit > Devices > Nodes, create a new node assigned for the MQTTspB Channel. Here you will input the information required to connect to a Broker.

  3. In Edit > Devices > Points, the address field is filled according to the syntax: <Group_Id>/<Edge_Node_Id>/<Device_Id>/.

We recently did some improvements in this driver, so we recommend you to use FactoryStudio v9.1.14 to test this driver. You can find the link to download this version below.

One of the important modification in this version, now in Device > Points > Address field you can browse to an existing item in your Broker.

To check if the communication is ok with the Broker, in Runtime, you can look some diagnostic messages through the TraceWindow tool, with modules Devices and Debug enabled in Settings. Or you can open the Module Information tool, selecting the MQTTspB node in the TreeView.

Regarding the examples we are attaching the links here, but they will be available in the support help desk in the solution section soon. If you don’t have access, please email with the request.

Below you can find a list of documents, videos and sample projects.

Also, following others examples, documentations and video about MQTT protocols.

Best Regards,
Tatsoft Team.