MQTT SparkplugB client

I am attempting to setup a MQTTspB device. I have followed the MQTT SparkplugB Client Communication Driver documentation. I have setup a data model using templates as described in the documentation.
However when I try to enter the main element in the Devices → Points → TagName column it will not accept just the main element. The field turns red and has a red exclamation point next to the row. It says to enter a tag property.
I have tried to download and open the sample project, however that had it’s own problems that I posted about here: Project upgrade option not available

Also when building the template, is it necessary to follow the structure exactly as it is on the MQTT broker. The topic names on the MQTT broker contain spaces. An item in Frameworx can not contain spaces. For instance on the MQTT broker a topic may appear as “Pump 1 auto”. This item in a Frameworx template would need to be entered as “Pump_1_auto”. Are these differences reconciled automatically? Or does the structure on the broker and in Frameworx need to match exactly?

I am using version 9.2.26.