Multiple display monitors


I’m just experimenting with using multiple displays, but am having some difficulty.

Although I indicate that I have 2 monitors, and nominate an ‘On startup:’ layout for each monitor … when I run the project both layouts open on what is system display 1.




Both layouts open … but both on monitor 1.
Am I missing something? Are there additional project settings needed?
Could it be because they are configured in Windows as an extended display?

I also have a followup question …

I expect that specifying monitors for layouts at startup will be all that I need. However, I thought there would also be a programmatic means of opening displays and layouts on specified monitors.

As far as I can tell @Display and @Layout don’t allow for specification of a monitor. Is that correct?

It appears that I need to have my PC monitors configured in a particular order for the application to open the layouts correctly on separate monitors.

That is … with my left hand monitor confirgured as my main display … both layouts open on the left hand (main display) monitor. However … with my right hand monitor configured as my main display … the layouts open on the two monitors as expected.

As long as this behaviour is consistent there isn’t really a problem … although it was a bit unexpected.

Hi Greg,

The configuration in FactoryStudio is correct, simply set it in ‘Edit > Displays > Displays > number of monitor: 2’ and define ‘OnStartup’ for each monitor.

In Windows, under the ‘Settings > Display’ tab, if you wish to use the second display as the primary one, select display 2, as shown in the image below.

After this, configure the ‘Multiple displays’ tab to ‘Extend these displays’ and check the option ‘Make this my main display’.


By making these configurations, everything should work correctly.

If you have any questions, we are available.

Best Regards,
Bruno Nunes.