Pop up Window showing a clock o message while waiting for a web request

Hello folks:

I have some TextBox and ComboBox which show some information gotten by GET and POST requests.

When I click the button to get data, my cursor changes from arrow to a hand pointing… I have to wait some seconds to get the data because of internet velocity o data amount and I would like to show a llitle window showing “Fetching data”, show a dynamic icon, etc while I am fetching data.

I have tried opening a Display and show the message before calling my script but the my program executes all methods before opening the Display and it shows up only a few miliseconds before it get closed.

What is the best solution for doing this?

Best Regards.

Hello Rafles,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Could you please send us the .tproj file for your project? This will allow us to analyze the issue and provide you with a solution.

Best Regards,
Tatsoft Team.

Hello Vinicius:

I share the .tproj file requested.

Best Regards.

Hello Rafles,

Thank you for sharing the .tproj file.

We have successfully reproduced the reported issue. The problem occurs because your script is running on the CodeBehind of the “MainPage” display instead of the “Loading” display.

To resolve this, we have made the necessary changes to the CodeBehind of both the loading and MainPage displays. This ensures that the popup will open while the “@Script.Class.MaintenanceWorkOrders.GenerateFailure();” is being executed.

You can download the updated project using the following link: Download Link

Best regards,
Tatsoft Team