Project not running following license upgrade


I’ve just upgrade my EdgeHMI hardkey license to FrameworX in the hope of overcoming an EdgeHMI limitation that was preventing further development on a project.

However now, when I try to run the project, only Property Watch opens. The project MainPage and Trace Window do not open, even though Trace Window is selected.

Do I have to go through a particular process with the project, displays or tags as it was originally developed as EdgeHMI? Or have I just forgotten something basic.

I have changed Info->Settings->Family from EdgeHMI to FrameworX … but this appears to make no difference.

Greg Shearer

I have also carried out a build of the project.

Hi Greg.

Could you send us a print screen of your Run/Startup page?

Also, do you know the version of your previous license? and the version of the new one?

please, send us the images in our support e-mail:

Best Regards.
Tatsoft Team.

Hi Welliton.

Please delete this topic.
I had posted a reply indicating that I had found the problem, which was a changed Server setting.
I was able to delete my reply … but not the original topic … so I set a flag requesting deletion.

Greg Shearer