Property Watch for Client domain tags


I am developing an application to run standalone on a PC, but am required to use both Client and Server domain tags. This is to overcome sychronisation issues between screen keyboard data entry (Client domain) and the restricted EdgeHMI Server only environment. I am hoping that the upgraded FrameworX environment will overcome these issues.

I am now wondering if there is a means of displaying application Client domain tag details etc. while the application is running, as per Server domain objects. It seems like this should be possible, given that the application is running on a single PC … but I haven’t found a way. Property Watch shows only Server domain objects.

Am I missing something? Can Client domain tags only be inspected using other debug methods?
Any advice will be appreciated.

Greg Shearer

Hi GregS.

There are some ways to open the Property Watch, if you open it from a server side, you will see only the server tags, but if you open from the client side, you will see both, client and server tags.

if you are running by checking the checkbox into Run/Startup/Run Local Diagnostics Tools, like the follow image, it will run on the server side.

if you run from the TStartup window, like the follow image, it will run in a server side too.

If you run by a client toolbar, like the follow image, it will run on client side.


Best Regards.
Tatsoft Team.

Hi Welliton.

Thanks so much. That’s exactly the detail I was missing :slight_smile:
I had searched on Property Watch in the online documentation, but hadn’t found this reference.

Greg Shearer