Remote device startup feature in factorystudio 9.1

Hi guys.
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I’m researching Remote Device startup in FactoryStudio 9.1.
At my project, I create IEC60870-5-104S channel and set initial parameter was remote.
After reading user manual, I guess that, with this feature, the Created channel will running on remote computer, I mean that the IEC 60870 5 104 control center will connect to this channel via remote computer without server computer.
Is my think correct?
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Hi Manh,

The project on the server computer will connect to the remote computer running TWebServer or IIS through ProjectServer. When running the project a TStartupWindow dialog window will be opened on the computer server as in the image below:

More information can be found in the following link:

Link: Remote Device Startup - 9.2 - Tatsoft LLC
Please, let us know if it helps you.

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Tatsoft Team.

Hi Guys.
Thank for your response.
can I have some question please

  1. Do I need to activate any license on Remote computer
  2. How many channels can be run on the same remote computer for one server computer
  3. If The IEC 60870-5-104S channel will run on remote computer, The IEC 608705104 Master will connect to this channel through remote computer, isn’t it?
    Many thank

Hi Manh,

We understand that you are talking about distributed architecture. Are you trying to connect a PC Server to a PC Client or do you want to do something different, the term remote computer is a bit confusing, can you describe it in a different way?

But answering your fist 2 questions:

  1. You don’t need a license on the remote computer as long as the TWebServer or ISS is running.
  2. There is no limit of channels that you can run on the same computer, it only depends on the number of communication points that your license allows you to have.

Dear eduardo_support.
Many thank your help.
I got understand this feature

Dear eduardo_support.
Can I have 2 questions please.

  1. I have the communication diagram as picture. Can Factorystudio do this?
  2. When I run TWebServer application, somtimes port was 80, other was 3100. Can I fix this port?

Hi Manh,

1 - Can you confirm if the following information is right? You will have 2 computers connected in the same local network, being the server computer and client computer. Then, a Device connects to an external network as shown in the image below?

If it is right you can use the configuration in edit > Devices > Channels > RemoteSettings column (image 2).

2 - We have forwarded this question to our development team, as soons as they reply, we’ll let you know.

Dear eduardo_support
Many thank your Response.

  1. That was correct diagram I want to build up. Let me explain clearly my Problem.
  • I created a IEC60870-5-104S channel on server computer and start it on the remote server. This channel could start successfully on remote server ( primary IP is IP of remote computer).
  • I have a IEC60870 5 104 master application need to connect this channel. I implemented it with 2 case
  • Case 1: This Master application was installed on remote computer itself. This application connected to channel successfully
  • Case 2: The master application was installed on other computer. This application couldn’t connect to channel successfully.
    => So, With Case 2, Do factoryStudio support ?
  1. Ok. No problem. I will wait for this.

Hi Manh,

We did some tests in our labs, but we couldn’t understand your question 100% sure.

The test that we did was to connect a Client Computer to a Server and run the project remotely. In the project we made the configuration as shown in the image below:

In welcome we go in Server > select Remote:

We couldn’t understand what you mean by “primary IP is IP of remote computer” and “Remote computer”.

Can you send us some print screens of the configuration that you did? If you prefer we can schedule a meeting when you are free.

Hi eduardo
The below is my channel Configuration. in Which is remote computer’s IP

Hi Manh,

We reproduced some tests and realized that as you are using and external IP to the third machine, you cannot connect. If this other computer were on a local network, it would work.

If you need something else, let us know.

Best Regards,
Tatsoft Team.

Dear eduardo_support
Thank for your feedback.
It means that , when the server computer, the remote computer ( run IEC60870 5 104S tool) and the third computer ( run master application) are the same network, this feature can work.
Is that correct?

Yes, it will work since you set the correct IP, you will have one server, the remote computer being the slave and the thrid computer being the master. Probably that was the reason why your case 2 didn’t work, the application cannot connect to an external IP as “”

Does it help you?

Best Regards,
Tatsoft Team.