Select option in iec 60870 in factorystudio

Dear Expert
I’m practicing IEC60870 protocol in Factory studio ( Ver 9.2.26)
When try with Control signal I found that

  • The Control type have select Option:
  • ASDU45: Single Command
  • ASDU46: Double Command
    +ASDU47: Regulating step
  • The Control type doesn’t have select option
    +ASDU48: Setpoint Command
    +ASDU49: Setpoint scalar Command
    +ASDU50: Setpoint Command Floating Point

In my Project all of command Type is select before excute.
Are there any solution for me?
Please help me.

Hello Thanos,

Until recently, the ASDU48, 49, and 50 types did not have this functionality. Recently, these features have been implemented and will be available in versions that will be released soon.

However, we can assist you with the necessary codes for each operation you wish to perform with ASDU48, 49, and 50 so that you can manually input them in the meantime.

For all of these types, the codes are:
0 - Execute
128 - Select
300 - Select and Execute

See the image below for clarification on how the commands would be classified.


Hope it helps.

Tatsoft Team.

Dear Expert
Thank for your support.
I tried do follow your guide in below picture

  1. Cammand parameter Tab didn’t apppear
  2. I fill value 300 into Parameter cell. But I didn’t work
  3. Can you send me the version of Factory studio which support select feature as you mention

Hello Thanos,

The command parameter tab is just a tool that assists the user in obtaining the correct code for the desired operation. In the previous message, we provided you with the 3 existing code possibilities for types 48, 49, and 50. Therefore, you should manually input these codes without expecting the command parameter tab to be opened, as this tab is intended only to automatically input the operation code for you, and you already have the codes provided by us.

You can execute the commands without any issues by manually entering the provided codes, according to the operation you desire.

As mentioned, there is not yet an available version with these tools. These features have been implemented and will be available in versions that will be released soon.

Tatsoft Team.

Dear Expert
Thank for your response
I understood your guidance.
But I mean that, I did following your guidance: ASDU 48,49,50 with parameter is 300 ( Select and execute), it didn’t work as you mention. My Points is below picture

Are there any wrong?

Hello Thanos,

We’ve consulted with our development team, and I want to inform you that the functionality you are seeking is in the final stages of development and will be available in the next hotfix release.

Once the hotfix is deployed, we will promptly send you the link for download.

Best regards,
Tatsoft Team.

Dear Expert
I’m really looking forward to it.
In additional, I have issue relating to IEC60870-5-104 slave node. if you can consider to fix, It will so amazing.
At IP parameter, It is disable. Please see below picture

According to the regulations of protocol and in other SCADA softwares, it must be range of IEC104’s IP Clients. Only these clients are allowed to connect to Factorystudio to ensure communication security.