Siemens Communication with the Tatsoft Driver

I am having issues getting Tatsoft FactoryStudio to talk to a Siemens PLC via the Siemens driver. I was able to talk to the same PLC via OPC, but I have been unable to get Tatsoft to be able to talk to any Siemens PLC I have tried. Does anyone have a Basic Tatsoft and PLC program I could look at?

Any help is appreciated.

What I have tried:

  • I Updated Tatsoft (Running 9.2.54)
  • Tried a Simens S7 1215FC & a older S7 1500.
  • We tried creating a Tatsoft program reading a single bit of the PLC. We ran the program in “Run” and then “Startup”.
  • In the property window we get a 0 for tag quality.
  • In Trace, I am getting an error message (Command Error: -720891), and if I unplug the PLC, I get “Command Error: 720891” but the quality stays 0.

do you have Put/Get enabled in Siemens PLC CPU Settings?

I missed that. Thank you! Seams to work fine now.