Sql server dataset in factorystudio

Dear Expert
I’m using SQL Server for saving Tag Historian in my project.

The trigger is Toggled with period 30 minute.
During the first month, SQL Server and Factory studio worked well.
But the last few days, The Factory save historian into SQL Server was abnormal.
The UTCTimestamp_Ticks have wrong value when data was save.
How can I check cause of problem

Hi Thanos,

Could you provide us with more details on how the trigger tag is being toggled?

Do messages appear on the trace window when data is saved to SQL Server? Adding the trigger tag to the trace windows would help because any changes to the tag would be displayed in the trace window.

It would be a good idea to monitor the historian module in the module info, where it displays messages about the status of the last database save.

Could you send us a screenshot of the database records with incorrect UTCTimestamp_Ticks values? Feel free to attach any other screenshots you believe may help us.

Is it possible to send us an example project with the same configurations of your project?

Tatsoft Team.

Dear Sir/Madam
Thank for your feed back.
In my project, I have many Historian table. All of them has the same trigger tag.
The problem happen in some of them and happen during 17:00 pm to 6:AM tommorrow. Remain time, every thing work Ok.
My trigger tag is toggled in period 30 minute.
When Tigger is togger, data is stored into sql server.
But value of UTCtime_tick was wrong.
I open Watch module and infor module to monitor.

I’m in Time Zone +7. the time of last trigger was 11:30 PM , The correct last UTCTime_tick must be 16:30 PM. Below is a historian table work OK.


Hello Thanos,

To assist you better, is it possible to send us the project?

Tatsoft Team.