Tag triggered tasks


I have configured two tasks which are triggered by tags entered into text boxes.


When the ‘Confirmation’ tag changes the corresponding task executes as expected … however when the ‘Coil’ tag changes it appears that the corresponding task does not execute. I have investigated as thoroughly as I can using Property Watch and TraceWindow and can see no reason for the ‘Coil’ task not executing.

Can you think of any reason I might be seeing this behaviour?

Greg Shearer

When the same code is placed within a Function and executed as an Expression triggered by the same tag … it works ok.

Is there a good reason for this difference in behaviour? It looks to me as if either method should work?

Hello Greg,

Could you please send us your project .tproj file?

This way we can help you find the cause of this issue.

Best Regards,
Tatsoft Team.