Template Modbus devices

Hi everyone!

I’m building my first demo with FrameworX.

Has anyone built Modbus tags based on templates?


After building a User Custom Type, I don’t know where to tell the software that a certain tag has X initial address. Also, since in the PLC there is a substructure, each tag has a address based on the initial one.

Thank you in advance!

When you create an instance of the UCT UI, you will configure the Tag Properties with a Device address. I have a attached an example of a float coming from 400056. Hope this helps.

You are right, I’m able to give an address to a new tag using the device’s address.

What I’m still unsure of, is how the program will know the location of each subsequent element in the structure.

Assuming 400056 is the initial address, the rest of tags embedded in the UCT also need an address (address + offset).

Example from Control Expert Classic:

Hi 0rland0 and dschultz71,

I agree with you two, you can use an array or a template with a device point. What will happen is that the following tags will be defined with the address + n.
0rland0, the program will know the location of each tag just assuming the next tag address plus 1.

We did a test and if you put the same inicial address for both, Template and array they will show the same value, as shows the image below.