Thin client configuration and access

Hi everyone.

I am relatively new to Factory Studio but have been progressing really well with investigating the capabilities required for our applications.

We currently use a different product which provides for a single thin client to access the application. My understanding is that Factory Studio has the same capability … but I have been unable to figure out how to get the thin client working.

The only references I have found in the documentation indicate that either IIS or TWebServer must be running … but no details on what additional configuration is required. I can’t even find any html generated in the project folder?

Can anyone point me to a step-by-step outline of the configuration required for either IIS or TWebSever in order to be able to access the project HTML5 screens? I am not primarily a ‘web’ developer but have successfully configured IIS for other HTML clients in the past.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Greg Shearer

Hi Greg,

For TWebServer, you just have to run it in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tatsoft\FactoryStudio\TWebServer.exe”, then you check what is the port it is current using in the icon tray bar:
And the last step is going in Info > Project > Redundancy, and copy the following path depending if you want WPF or HTML5:

If the port is differente than 80, you have to put after the IP: PortNumber
, for example:

For using IIS, you can do the configuration in this link:

Then you paste it in Microsoft Edge and that’s all. If you are using Google Chrome or other browser you may have to install an extension called “ClickOnce for Google Chrome”.

Does it solve your issue? If not, could you explain to us what you meant by “Thin Client”.

Tatsoft Team.

Thanks Eduardo.

The documentation links you sent were just what I needed. I had somehow missed them … even though I had been looking!

Thanks again.

I wrote this response in December … but somehow didn’t get to send it.
My apologies!

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