Time Based Report Filtering

Hi Team,
We want to filter reports based on time interval. For eg. if I am logging data after every 1s then my report shows the same data. If I want the same data in interval of ‘X’ sec then the report should consist data according to that. for eg. if I want data at 10s interval , my first data is at 10:00:00 PM then the next data should be of 10:00:10 PM in same report.

Hi Nikhil,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share a link with you that could potentially help answer your question. Please take a look at the following link:

Please let us now if you want something different.

Tatsoft Team.

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Hi ,

I tried the above solution you gave, it is saving the report after every 30 sec. But we don’t want this,
I have data as shown in first screenshot. And i want data as shown in second screenshot, Second screenshot is the data after every 15s, it should also filter out data by 10s, 30s, 1min,60min , etc.

Hi Nikhil,

If you are using HistorianTables, you can set TimeDeadband property to define time interval data will be register. Like the image below:

If it don’t resolve your problem, could you give us more details about the problem?

Tatsfot Team.