To Change Alarm limit in runtime mode

for example, tag is having alarm limit which is high high that is having range 75 in development mode and now user has taken process point and browse that tag. Now in runtime mode user change the value to 80 or any number so that new number should Reflect in the alarm limit in TManager or development mode. now the tag which is having alarm limit for high high will be 80 or any number that is given by user in runtime

Any Solution for the above question

Hi Venky,

You can change the Alarm limit on Runtime using the syntaxes below:



However, changing the limit on Runtime won’t change the project configuration, then if you shutdown the project and run it again it will lost the configuration. In this case, we used to set the Alarm tags to Retentive in Value and/or Properties, so the next time you run the project you have this previous configurations. For that, you have to configure the tag in Edit > Tags > Objects > “Retentive” column.

Even doing this the Retentive configuration the limit wont be changed on the configuration project.

Tatsoft Team.