Trend Page - add pens to pen control


In FactoryStudio 9.2.26 , I’m using the TrendChart template and trying to populate the plot with data from the Pen Selection asset panel, but when I left click on a tag in the asset panel, nothing happens. I can’t seem to find a way to add a tag to the pen control panel and plot it. Am I missing something obvious?

I tried using the TrendProperties demo project as well from, in case there was something wrong with my own project, but I get the same result here, too. See attached image.


Hi vbebs,

We tried to replicate your error with the example project TrendProperties, but the tag selection worked as intended. We also noticed your Pen Selection window is different from our demo project, could you send us the project file you are getting this error, so we can identify the problem?

You can send us the file through our support at or through your own file server.

Tatsoft Team.

Okay. That is strange, since I did not make any modifications to the example project. I have followed up with a more detailed explanation of the problem and project files in an email to

Thanks for your help.

Thanks vbebs, we will continue the technical support through the email if it is good for you.

Tatsoft Team.