User security Change in Runtime

1 How to configure all setting of User management in Runtime
2 Do we have option of creating/Deleting user and group in Runtime
3 Change password, Account Lock Duration, min password length, max password length, etc.

Hi Venky,

Just to understand better your question, doing the changes using TManager during Runtime does not solve this issue for you? Or do you want to do this inside of the display?

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Tatsoft Team.

No, this doesn’t help as we want all Security Changes that is add user, delete user, Change user, all those to be done in Runtime, not in TManager

Hi venky,

We have some components to create new users, change users, change password…

Please download this files and put them in the following path, “C:\FactoryStudio\Components”:

Now you open your project and go in Run > Extensions > Components. Make sure that this checkbox is enabled and “Add Component…”

Now you have 2 options:
“Add and merge to project” will merge this component to your project and is editable. But you cannot delete it with one click.
“Add as Plugin” is not editable but you can delete it with one click.

After that you will see that some display were created to do what you want.

You also can access some Security properties in the CodeBehind like this:

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Tatsoft Team.