Using other tags for tag data

Good morning
I am creating an Edge HMI project. I want to take the data from a PLC and publish it to MQTT topics.
I have 10x modules that all have the same tags that I want to get from the PLC and Publish.

I have 2x questions really;
Which is the best way to take the PLC data and publish it in MQTT?
(I am currently copying the tag names in the devices / points table and setting one as read and the node as the PLC and the other tag as write and the node is the MQTT broker)

Is there a faster way to do this rather than with an entry for each tag?

Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob,

The conventional method is creating 2 point, 1 for reading from the PLC, and the another for writing in the MQTT.

If you need something more especific, please send us an e-mail in:

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Tatsoft Team.

Hi Bob - a question - which PLC are you using? There might be some other things that could help as well.

Im using S7 1500, I have played with the MQTT block in TIA.

I also want to just send some data to a MQTT topic on a request from another topic, can I store this data internally in Tatsoft?

Thanks, Bob

I’m certain you can both store the data inside the application as well as send data.

FrameworX has both an MQTT Server and Client included. They also include an MQTT Simulator.

Have you checked out some of our documentation on MQTT on our docs site? (

Please check out those resources and let us know if you still have further questions and I’m sure the support staff will be glad to help you out.


Hi @Sparky, yes I have figured out what I need to with the scripting I think - I am from a process controls background so “coding” in this way is new to me .
The MQTT side is fine, it was how to give these topics data from inside Tatsoft that I was struggling with - but with some googling I managed to work something out that seems to do the job.
Thanks for the advice.

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Great to hear @Bob_Southall. Don’t hesitate to ask support any other questions if you can’t find the answer you need.